Leather Stitched Rear Lower Center Console for 997/987
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The Exclusive Option Leather Stitched Rear Center Colsole features contrasting stitch work lining the sides complementing the rich leather surface. This large leather part is the flagship of all leather parts, instantly providing an exclusive look to the standard plastic center console. This Full Leather center console comes standard on limited edition models such as the 911 Sport Classic and Speedster. This large leather wrapped part will surley lend a distinctive exotic feel and look between the front seats and enjoy the fine leather craftsmanship after ever ride. Includes Ashtray door. All other console accessories (armrest, shift extension, rear storage tray) must be swapped out with those of the original. A must have leather component for leather lovers.

  • Item #: 9X7L4.4A

Leather Stitched Rear Lower Center Console for 997/987

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