Leather Stitched Defroster Dash Trim for 997
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The Exclusive Option Leather Defroster Dash Trim set features contrasting stitching running accross the dash, complementing the rich leather surface. This beautifully crafted panels instantly add an exclusive look to the dash area. Visible from through the front windshield these Defroster trims look excellent with the full Leather Stitched center Speaker option. These Leather Dash Panels replace a large sea of hard plastic sitting on top of the dash with intricately stitched leather pieces, ultimatly completing the look of a fully hand fitted leather dashboard. These parts are a great alternative to the Carbon Fiber units that ofter lift and crack when installed in this area of the car.

  • Item #: 9X7L2.4A

Leather Stitched Defroster Dash Trim for 997

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